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How does the SB-15 Tailbone permit long runs using hi-Z cables?

The Tailbone lowers the impedance and then drives the signal, like a non-gain increasing (unity gain) amplifier. This lets you drive cables upwards to 15 meters (50 feet) without noise.

Do I need to connect both 9V supplies to power the SB-15 Tailbone?

No. Only one is needed unless you are powering a 15VDC Tonebone pedal.

Can I use any power brick to power the Tailbone and a Tonebone pedal?

Yes, as long as you are using at least 2 isolated 9V 400mA outputs. Using 9V outputs with less than 400mA of current will not allow you to power certain Tonebone pedals such as the Trimode, Plexitube, and the Switchbone V2.

Is the Tailbone buffer the same as the one in the Switchbone V2 and Elevator?

The basic design is the same. The buffer circuits in the Switchbone and Elevator have more features.

Will I hear the effect of the Drag™ Control with an active EMG pickup?

No. Drag only works on magnetic pickups.

Can I adjust the level of the Tailbone buffer?

No. It is set to unity gain. What you put in, you will get out, only with more consistency.

Does the StageBug SB-15 include the power cable to connect my 15V DC Tonebone pedal?

No. You can find the required connection cable at almost any musical instrument store; the cable is the same as what would connect a standard 9V pedal to a power brick and is a standard ‘off the shelf’ item.

Can I use a standard 9V DC 100mA output from my power brick to adequately power only the buffer portion of the SB-15?

Yes, absolutely. Using a single 9V power supply will offer you about 98dB of headroom.

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