Jason Hook

Guitarist, Composer, Producer & Founder / Flat Black


Former lead guitarist of the American heavy metal band, Five Finger death Punch. He is now the founder and guitarist with the band, Flat Black.

"I chose this because Kevin Churko and his assistant were raving about it …. now that I have it, I know why. It’s an amazing clear sounding unit and I like the fact that it has two inputs both with independent level controls."

" like to blend two mic’s together when recording my 4 x 12 cabinet. This unit helps to adjust the phase of the two signals in the event the two mic’s sound ‘out of phase’."

"I used this on the new record in the signal path of Royer 121 mic on the 4 x 12 cab. The Q4 is a great sounding 500 series EQ."

"This is a great 500 series compressor. I use it for tracking bass when I want a little level control on the front end. "

"A real handy unit that I love for making quick comparisons between mic pre’s without having to re-patch anything. "

"Another time-saving unit for toggling thru 4 different mic’s while running into the same mic pre. "

" I really love the HDI. It has the most sonic options of all the DI’s out there."

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