Radial on Record with Jason Hook

May 11th, 2021

Join us as we talk with multi talented musician, producer, composer Jason Hook about his recent projects, life in the studio and what’s happening with “Hook” these days.

Played on countless hit records, is featured in the 2016 documentary ‘Hired Gun’ and toured the world over many times, Jason spent 11 years as guitarist with metal rockers, 5FDP.

Jason is a sought after go-to guitarist for many other artists, writes and performs on TV and other soundtrack projects and is busy with a whole lot more. A long time Radial and Primacoustic artist and supporter, he uses so much Radial gear it’s difficult to list it all! Few must have’s he uses are the JD7, JX44, HDI, Cherry Picker, and Gold Digger and taming his “Leopards Nest Studio” are Primacoustic broadband panels, bass traps and ceiling clouds.

Join us as we talk to Jason about life, family, gear and what he’s been up to these days.



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