Kerry Marx

Grand Ole Opry, Olivia Newton John, Johnny Cash, Don McLean, The Ventures

"Right now there's a Shure SM57, a Royer 121, a Sennheiser 421, and a 906 plugged into my Radial Gold Digger. Add those up and you've got instant access to four different mic sounds, totally transparent and level controlled!"

"I keep my Elevator right at the end of my volume pedal, so I can quickly switch the boost on and off. It's become my go-to pedal, I've gotten to where I sometimes turn it on for short passages (as well as solos) for just that little bit of presence. And being able to optimize the sound of different guitars with the impedance control on the front end insures I'm always getting the best tone possible. LOVE IT!"

"Whether I'm going for a slightly overdriven amp sound, 'American Woman' distortion or anything in between, I can dial it up instantly with great tone. My Tonebone Hot British rocks!"

"The PZ Pre is the perfect centerpiece for my acoustic rig. My tuner's always on, reverb is in the fx loop and footswitchable on or off, and I can switch between 2 guitars, each with its own level control. The mute is totally silent; I sometimes tune during acapella sections and if there were any noise it wouldn't be cool. So, full-featured and sounds GREAT!"

"I’ve been using the HDI for a couple of weeks now, and it’s become the centerpiece of my studio's front end gear. I’ve been able to get just the right bass sound for all styles, from my vintage Fender basses to modern active 5 string basses. And splitting my guitar output lets me easily create huge guitar sounds. It’s a high quality, fantastic sounding DI. I use my Radial HDI all the time. Its bad ass, and I LOVE it."

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