Adrian Bellue Demos the Radial PZ Pro Acoustic Preamp

Adrian Bellue PZ-Pro

January 17th, 2022

Virtuosic acoustic guitarist and Radial endorsee, Adrian Bellue is a man whos very particular about tone. So it goes without saying that he was pretty excited to receive a Radial PZ-Pro. He’s recorded a short demo to show off what you can do with it.

The new PZ-Pro Instrument Preamp is the flagship of the Radial acoustic preamp range, featuring 2 channels, XLR input, a powerful EQ, piezo input boosters and an effects loop. Adrian delves into the possibilities the PZ-Pro opens up for channel blending. The device’s many routing options offer plenty of ways to subtly bring effects, different pickups or mics, into the mix, and enhance different qualities of your instrument’s natural sound.

Adrian’s latest record, ‘String Slinger’ is out now on CandyRat Records, and all the major streaming platforms. Check out his YouTube channel for more demos and performances

The PZ-Pro is shipping now.


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