JX42 V2

4 Input, 2 Output Guitar and Amp Switcher

Guitar & Amp Switcher

The JX42 V2 offers professional guitar and amp switching for any touring act, with the ability to handle up to four instruments and two amplifiers simultaneously, along with premium components for incredible audio quality and remote connectivity that accommodates Radial footswitches and MIDI controllers.

  • Switch between four instrument inputs and two amp outputs
  • Front and rear-panel buffered Tuner outputs
  • Remote switching control with optional footswitches or MIDI
  • Isolated outputs with premium Jensen transformers for optimal tone
  • Built-in 120/240V power supply for worldwide touring

Switch instruments like a Pro

The JX42 V2 is a streamlined instrument and amplifier switcher that instantly provides your rig with the ability for professional, seamless changeovers without signal coloration or additional noise. Class-A signal buffers preserve the tone of your instruments, with four inputs accessible on either the front or back panel of the JX42. Large backlit on/off switches select the active input, with the ability to have multiple instruments active simultaneously. Inactive inputs feed a pair of always-on Tuner outputs, which are buffered and mirrored on the front and back panels. Remote control over the inputs is available with the optional JR-5 footswitch for hands-free operation, or using your favorite MIDI controller.

Connect two amps or a backup system

The two amplifier outputs can feed separate amps and switch between the two, or you can use them to create a redundant system with the ability to switch to the backup at the press of a button. Both outputs are isolated with premium Jensen transformers for exceptional audio quality, and feature ground lift switches to eliminate hum and buzz when connected to multiple amplifiers. Switching between the two outputs is silent and free of pops or clicks to avoid any disruption to the performance. The JX42 V2 is compatible with the Radial JR-2 footswitches, which allows you to remotely switch between the amp outputs or mute both as needed.

JX42 V2 Applications

JX42 Application - Switch between four guitars and two amps

Switch between four guitars and two amps

Instrument and amplifier changeovers on stage are made simple with the JX42. Switching is silent and instantaneous, with transformer-isolated outputs to prevent ground loop noise.

JX42 Application - Control ins/outs with remote footswitches

Control ins/outs with remote footswitches

Two optional Radial footswitches allow you to make instant changes from the center of the stage. The JR-5 remote activates your guitar inputs, while the JR-2 remote switches between or mutes the amplifier outputs.

JX42 Application - Control guitar & amp switching via MIDI

Control guitar & amp switching via MIDI

The JX42 has a built-in MIDI input that allows guitar and amplifier switching to be operated by a MIDI controller or pedalboard, so you can program change ahead of time for a stress-free gig.

JX42 Application - Create a redundant setup to prevent dropouts

Create a redundant setup to prevent dropouts

With the JX42 you can connect two identical amps or amp modelers to outputs A and B, allowing you to switch to a backup system at a moment’s notice using the front panel or a remote footswitch.


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