Jay Leonard Jay walks us through the Radial Acoustic Series

JLJ Acoustic Series Video

May 14th, 2021

Youtube gear guru and long-time Radial fan JayLeonardJ recently got his hands on the full Radial acoustic series, and took them for a spin.

In this video, he explores the differences between the four units, to help you decide which one might be right for you.

Each member of the acoustic family has its own unique benefits, with a pre-amp perfectly suited for every level of acoustic musician, whether you’re plugging in at a local open mic or a stadium.

The range allows many ways to shape the tone from your instrument’s piezo pickup: refine it with EQ, add warmth, filter out feedback, run multiple outputs, blend in signal from a mic – to mention just a few. You can hear examples of all these and more in the video, as JLJ explores the possibilities a Radial Acoustic Preamp can provide.

Check out the video and hear how the Radial acoustic series can take your acoustic sound to the next level.

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